A Day in Haiku

Laundry before work

Folding undies on the call

Check my video.

Migraine brain closing

Blood pounds in my ears and eyes

It must be raining.

Teacher video

What do they most need to hear?

Maybe just, “Good job!”

Teachers deserve more

Make writing easier plans?

Or funny stories?

Compassion fatigue

Makes us short with each other

I don’t recover.

Oldest turns sixteen

Is he bummer birthday sad?

Maybe just him now.

Dad cries from a song.

He calls to say he can’t stop.

He misses my mom.

This day seems real bad.

There’s just one more thing to tell.

The day ends this way.

Odie blasts a sneeze.

Snot flies right into my mouth.

I pee when I laugh.

6 thoughts on “A Day in Haiku

  1. karpenglish

    I like the sequence of haiku, detailing what must have been an incredibly difficult day. I’m happy for you that you found a funny moment at the end of the tunnel. 😂

  2. carlambrown

    I love that you captured so much of your day in this concise, but revelatory writing. Each motif is so relatable. Their is pain, processing, pressure, compassion, celebration, sadness, joy. I love the series of them all – meaningful, even when seemingly minor.

    Job well done!

    ~Carla Michelle


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