I Need a Nap

Being home and working makes it almost impossible for me to not take a nap at the end of my day with schools. I have trouble figuring out what I am supposed to do next and I know there is more work to do but I can not figure our how to make forward progress. This is how I felt when I was driving home from a school before the pandemic. Sometimes I would wish harder than anything to be back on public transportation. That way, someone else could drive me home and I could snooze a little.

My boys are the same. They make it through a school day and then they need a nap. They leave me notes or hold up fingers to tell me what time I should wake them up from their naps. I wonder why we all need a nap. Maybe we are so exhausted at this point that we can not recover. We need a midday sleep to make it through a whole day, to make it through the pandemic.

If you call my house around 3 o’clock on most weekdays, no one will answer. We are all covered in a blanket and we are fast asleep. The dog has gotten used to napping with us too. He has trouble sometimes deciding who he will sleep with. He usually ends up next to me in the living room. I lay down on the couch with my weighted blanket and I am asleep almost before I even have the cover pressing down on me.

I try to give myself a pep talk most days. I know that I could head out for a walk or I could dance to some music. I have already tried coffee. It is no use. I always have more work to do. But, I can feel myself growing foggy and I know that if I rest, I can keep working into the night. I have a different kind of schedule now. I have no more drive time. I can do dishes during my lunch. I make breakfast for my boys before I get on my call. I can shower 20 minutes before I start to work.

I need a nap. A little sleep is my secret to getting through these days these days. Please do not ring the phone. If you text once and we do not respond, do not try again. Wait until we text back.

We are taking a nap.

4 thoughts on “I Need a Nap

  1. jcareyreads

    Our schedules are all off. The time change hasn’t helped with the exhausted feeling. When you talk to your reader, it feels like you’re talking- just telling me a story. I hear you when I read your writing.

  2. Writing to Learn, Learning to Write

    I’ve never been a napper. My husband is, but not the rest of us. I think I need to try it out. I’m so tired when I get home. I have that same feeling of more work to be done, but no energy to do it. I’m happy for the longer days now as at least I can get in my walk (which re-energizes me), but maybe I should try a nap.

  3. dmsherriff

    Last spring, I would have that same feeling when my “school” had ended. There was no commute in the car to transition. It messed with my mind. It was uncomfortable. I am glad you have accepted it and now are enjoying the nap!


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