1 Second a Day

On New Years Day, I started recording one second a day. I had seen the creator of this app on a Ted Talk once and several people I know have been using the app for years. So, I am not a trail blazer or anything. However, I was intrigued by the idea that you could record one second a day and at the end of the year, you would have 365 seconds to look back on. I will have a six minute video.

And, if I keep doing this for the next 10 years, I will have a one hour video to watch. And, if I do this for the rest of the years that I plan on living (I am hoping for 48 more years at least) then I will have an almost 5 hour video to watch. Kind of cool, right?!

The first two months of these seconds have been during the pandemic. I am finding it difficult to get variety into my sec-shots. I never go anywhere really. Because I have spent so much time inside this apartment, I am finding it difficult to venture beyond it, even as I crave the variety and stimulation that can come with someplace else. I am fully vaccinated now but I am still nervous about venturing around too much. Perhaps that is because I started the pandemic with four weeks of Covid. Maybe I am still a little traumatized. It was scary.

Anyway, recently I rewatched the Ted Talk from the maker of this app. There is a part where he talks about noticing that he went through periods where he could not find anything exciting to record. There would be time when for days and days the only thing he would be recording was what was very close to home. For him, that realization motivated him to search out more excitement in his life. He started to think of days as filled with moments that are potentially one-second-film worthy.

He said that on his best days, there were many moments that were truly worth saving with a one second recording. He believed that even though he would only save one of the moments, just the act of trying to decide which one, would help him remember his days better.

So here I am, 15 days into March and when I watch my 73 second long video, I wonder what I will record for today. Half way through March, I am still very close to home and there is still not much variety to what I am recording. But, for the first time in a long time I can feel myself opening to possibility after forcing myself closed for quarantine.

I notice the little surge of hope and happiness when I let myself imagine adventure. I look forward to days in the near future where I may have several sec-shot candidates. I wonder if I will have days where I miss the quieter posts then.

Not sure but the one thing I know for sure is that I plan to be able to watch and see. Maybe you can come over and watch too. Bring the wine. Leave your mask at home.

3 thoughts on “1 Second a Day

  1. svalter

    I downloaded this app a few years ago and haven’t been able to use it beyond the first 10 days or so of January. Thank you for sharing the Ted Talk and your inspiration—I have a totally different idea of how to capture these moments (and look for them) now!


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